Will Shingles Last For A Long Time In Children?

Any individual who has come down with the chickenpox virus, a highly infectious virus that causes small, itchy red bumps to develop over the affected individual’s body, can end up developing another similar condition scientifically referred to as Herpes Zoster. This condition occurs after the chickenpox virus (varicella virus) has become reactivated within someone’s cells after lying dormant for some time.

Herpes Zoster also causes a rash, although this disease can be more painful than chickenpox and can sometimes lead to organ damage if it is not managed adequately. In spite of popular belief, herpes zoster is not something that solely afflicts the older population among us. Even though it may be rare, shingles can occur in children who have previously experienced chickenpox.

The Rash In Children

Herpes Zoster can be just as uncomfortable and painful in kids as it is in adult sufferers. According to research articles, children less than one-year-old are most likely to experience this virus.

Causes In Children

As aforementioned, the varicella virus is the same virus that causes chickenpox. Herpes zoster in children occurs when the varicella virus reactivates itself in a child who already had the so-called “chickenpox”. It is still unknown as to what causes the virus to become reactivated in children. Unfortunately, even kids with the chickenpox vaccine could still come down with herpes zoster. A chronically ill child or who has a weak immune system may exhibit the same symptoms as an adult with the virus. Fortunately, some things could help a child in this instance, like a high-quality homeopathic skin cream.

Signs To Look Out For In Children

The symptoms of the condition may be mild at first and then become more aggressive with burning, itching, or tingling pain. In children, the viral rash can occur anywhere but is most often found on the torso. The rash may start small and then spread out to be blistering and widespread. It typically lasts for about two to four weeks in kids, but the time your child spends with this condition can be lowered with the addition of an effective shingles cream catered towards pain reduction and calming inflammation.

An effective shingles cream

A homeopathic skin cream will be the most effective at soothing a child’s discomfort if they develop the rash. This will lower the burden on your child’s body by not adding in any inflammation-causing synthetic ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or dyes. Since natural products are the preferred option here, creams containing natural ingredients such as emu oil and tea tree oil can help soothe your child’s flare-ups with their anti-inflammatory properties.

Are There Any Other Complications With This Virus?

After the rash subsides, your child may still experience some remaining discomfort. If your child is still in pain, but their rash has disappeared, you will want to discuss their situation with their primary care physician. Some children develop a condition referred to as postherpetic neuralgia, where the children continue to have all the symptoms associated with the rash but with no apparent inflammation. This is where relying on a natural and effective shingles cream on the market will come in handy. Utilizing this cream will help your child feel back to normal in minimal time.

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